Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'll be bock...

Sorry about the long hiatus. The collection is not completed...The last few weeks have been a bit hectic and also sad (my doggy died). I'll get around to posting more stuff soon.


Peter K Steinberg said...


I hope you are doing well, my thoughts are with you.


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

I really am sorry about your dog. It is a treat to see your collection online for all of us to ogle. There's an envelope for sale on eBay right now, hand-addressed by J.D. Salinger to a former Jesuit priest with whom he corresponded. $50K. Just the envelope. Cripes!

Laurie said...

Thanks and Thanks. I sure miss her.

Yikes! An envelope? I adore Salinger, but wouldn't pay more than 49k for one (haha). Seriously, that is a crazy price for a mere address. Seems high even if it was the correspondence itself.

George Fitzgerald said...

Sympathies to you. The love a dog can express merely with its eyes is one of the heartwarming-est things in the world, and we get that and all the yins, the yangs, the joys, and the sorrows of life, the package deal.!

Laurie said...

Thanks George. I was washing windows yesterday and ended up removing her nose bump marks on the small window she'd nudge open when she felt like it. I'd been 'okay' for a while till then. You're right about the yin/yang. "Better to have loved and lost..."

panther said...

Laurie, so sorry to hear of the loss of your companion.These creatures occupy a place in our hearts no-one else can ever fill. She'll always be with you.

50,000 dollars for an ENVELOPE !!! Wonder if anyone actually buys it.

Diane said...

Laurie, I've been out of touch with what's happening with you, and I see your dog died - so sorry to hear that.

You alerted me to your S&T collection some time ago, and I've just clicked in and had a look round. It reminds me of visiting a small museum tucked away in a village cottage somewhere. The difference is just a screen instead of glass cases. Thanks for the peek! An impressive little collection.

Take care,


Lady Grinch said...

Oh I am so sorry about your dog. My parents just gave way my dog too, it is not the same thing, I know, but still.

And yeah, take your time.
There is so much more I need to read on your blog.


George Fitzgerald said...

Laurie - I've long ago become worried about you as there've been no posts. But in case you read this I want to send you a gift for your Plath/Hughes collection. Please email me at - Best to you from George