Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poetry at the Mermaid

Well, there is going to be a learning curve to getting this stuff posted with some proficiency. Anyways, this is the programme booklet from the "Poetry at the Mermaid" event. I had to research the year to be sure, since I couldn't find a year anywhere in the pages. It is July, 1961.

Plath's bio says she is married with one daughter. Her poem included here is, "Tulips."

Hughes' poem is, "My Uncle's Wound."

It is apx. 5x8. My reading through the pages is hampered by the fact I don't want to actually fully open this rather delicate booklet. I was able to read that there were twelve poets "commissioned" to share/write pieces for this event. Ted and Sylvia were among the twelve and according to the event schedule they both read their poems. The commissioned pieces are printed on a medium blue coloured paper, whereas the rest of the contents are all on regular type paper. I wonder if anyone has any insight as to 'why' they would have done this. For some reason I think it sort of odd. Some discolorization has occurred on the edges of the blue paper.

Familiar names are here. Richard Murphy was also a commissioned poet and would have read. A. Alvarez is cited as the photographer of the picture of John Wain, whose name stands out for me as being on the Hughes vinyl recording I have listed on this blog.


Peter K Steinberg said...

Isn't this a lovely item! I suspect the different colored pages were to distinguish them from the rest of the program, to draw peoples attention to them. Just a guess.

Plath's recording of "Tulips" is on that recent British Library Spoken Word CD and she is introduced, I think, by John Wain.

Isn't it a shame Plath's photograph wasn't included?


A piece of Plathery said...

Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful pieces, Laurie, you have inspired to record my own collection. I have made a small start, still much to go.

Laurie said...

Looking forward to following your new site.
I WILL get back to this project...bit of life-drama going on the past few months and still unresolved. Sigh.
Thanks for your comments.

Melanie Smith said...

Laurie, I think you will like

They have a new catalogue with so mnay rare Hughes pieces and more to come, simply amazing. They will have images up soon.

A Piece of Plathery said...

I check your blog regularly to admire your collection. I hope all is okay in your world and you have simply been to busy having a fabulous time to update. All the best. Melanie