Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Bright and Shiny New Blog with that New Blog Smell

Well, I decided yesterday to memorialize my little collection of Plath and Hughes items. It is mostly books, but there are few miscellaneous items, too.

Turning 5.0. last November has me looking at the big picture (getting smaller and smaller!) of a life (specifically, mine) and putting together something like this has been a notion for some time and I'm not getting any younger. Plus, I've become much more proficient with my digital camera this past month. What used to take me jumping through 19 hoops and tripping over six of them when it comes to getting pics off the camera and delivered where they need to go has become a smooth operation. So the frustration level is much reduced. Whew.

With Beethoven's Fifth soaring in the background (you'll have to take my word for it) I will start pulling this thing together...


Peter K Steinberg said...

Nice blog idea - very nice. I like the Italian Bell Jar. Very cool. And your Victoria Lucas is very very lovely. Envious.

Laurie said...

Thanks for stopping by Peter and saying nice things! :o) I sent you an email the other day about a pic of an item for your "celebration" site...did you get it??