Friday, March 27, 2009

Heinemann, "Bell Jar" First Edition. Sigh...

My favorite thing. Fortunately, I bought it several years ago when I was spending money like a crazy woman. If I 'needed' it for my collection now, it would never happen, since my credit card debt spree is long over and laying out cash for this would not be feasible.

It is not in perfect shape, but it is pretty fine. The book itself is very solid and the few scruffs and dings on the cover speak for themselves. I don't know if a number has ever been given for how many of these were printed up by Heinemann. My Tabor (An analytical bibliography) says they preferred not to disclose it. Tabor quotes the publisher: "we only did a token quanity." So, it's probably pretty damned rare. And I am still so delighted to have it on my bookshelf after all these years.