Monday, March 30, 2009

Poets Reading No. 5

My posting of these items is pretty much random. I did specifically chose to pop this in next because when I was shooting it the other day, I noticed this record cover uses the same picture of Ted that was used in my ARC picture insert (see: "The Hawk in the Rain" below). I was surprised the back cover looks kind of scrappy in the photo, since it is in near pristine condition; still stiff and the record's wax paper insert is still crisp and clean. This record has never been played.
Another discovery (besides the 'Hawk' picture connection) is that it contains one of my favorite Hughes poems, "Pibroch."


Rising from my Ashes said...

Many thanks for this blog since I am a fan too. Hope you wouldn't mind me following your blog and would like to return here?
Best wishes

George Fitzgerald said...

Thanks Laurie ... your site is just great and I'll be going through it post by post! Thanks too for your comment on my blog!

Laurie said...

Thanks George. Look forward to perusing your site! Knowing that others are paying attention will hopefully keep me from letting this thing get stale. And hopefully my picture taking will improve (soon! :o)