Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Magic Mirror

I wish that a 'reading copy' had come with this book. This is one (#31) of 50 specially bound copies, with the other 150 being 'not specially' bound, I suppose :) There were also 26 copies reserved by the Press (A-Z). The paper is of exceptional grade with fibrous edges so soft you want to pet them...but shouldn't. The leather binding is tight, so you don't want to force it open for a 'read' and you don't want to smudge the paper either. So it is a pretty thing, but not for actual reading.

NICE (furry) paper.

Book's front cover

Book's back cover

front of book's case

back of book's case


Peter K Steinberg said...

Beautiful. I've seen the non-special binding one for sale at book fairs. I've even got an image of one on my website, sent to me by a bookseller by request. It is handsome too, but this one is really lovely - quite especial. This looks like a true gem.

Laurie said...

Thanks. This one is really nice. I am starting to wish I had a pair of those white gloves to keep my grubby fingerprints off this stuff :)

Anonymous said...

I have one of the 150 "non-special binding" copies. I bought it directly from the Press, so it came with a nice note from the printer. Though it's not a leather binding, it's definitely "special" to me. The paper is the same...what you call that "fuzzy" paper...I just love the texture. It's a beautiful, well-made book. And I'm actually able to read it!
--Jim Long

Laurie said...

Very cool Jim. Is it too nosey to ask if you got one of the alphabetized copies then, being direct from the press? Dontcha love that paper. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not nosey at all. I don't know who the 26 A-Z copies were reserved for, but not for me. My copy is No. 141.